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School of Oriental and African Studies

Since its formation out of London’s University College and King’s College in 1916, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) has had the overt purpose, more than perhaps any other University college, of serving the British nation.

The School of Oriental Studies is a public research university was founded at Finsbury Circus, London, with the intention of training colonial administrators and providing London University with a school to rival the Oriental institutes of Berlin, Petrograd and Paris.

As its motto ‘Knowledge is Power’ asserts, the School has had a mission to train experts and foster knowledge on the ‘Orient’ and Africa.

Africa was added to the School’s name in 1938.The School moved to Bloomsbury in 1946. The academic structure of the School consists of three faculties (Arts and Humanities, Languages and Cultures, Law and Social Sciences).

The Faculty of Languages and Cultures is comprised of the six regional departments of the Languages and Cultures of Africa, the Near and Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, China/Inner Asia, and Japan/Korea, plus the Department of Linguistics (incorporating the Endangered Languages Academic Programme), the Centre of Gender Studies, and the Language Centre.

School of Oriental and African Studies is situated in the very heart of London in historic Bloomsbury, an area renowned for its fashionable cafés and restaurants, green spaces, book stores, museums and arts venues. The British Museum, British Library, Regent’s Park and the West End are all within walking distance of our vibrant campus.
School of Oriental and African Studies
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