Saturday, May 27, 2017

Peer review system

Peer review is the critical assessment of manuscripts submitted to journals by experts who are not part of the editorial staff. Per reviews is a vitality important part of the publication process.

The peer review system is often described as a system of certification and indeed it is, in two senses: acceptance to a journal or publishing house via peer review certifies a body of work, and it also certifies the scholar who produced it.

It is considered the highest and most rigorous form of editorial review in determining the publication merits of papers, chapters and books.
The experts are selected by the journal staff in accordance with the expertise needed or are composed of a pre-established group of reviewers.

The decision on the manuscript is based on a minimum of three reviews and the ultimate responsibility for the decision on the manuscript is with the editor.

The practice of reviewing manuscripts for publication has been around for nearly 300n years, since the Royal Societies of Edinburg and London started seeking the advice of their members in the early to mid-18th century to help them select articles for publication.
Peer review system
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