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Polytechnic meant ‘many art, many skills’ and polytechnic education covered a wide span of studies, including the technologies, the arts and humanities, studies in professions such as law, and accountancy, in the social services for social workers, health visitors, probation officers, and courses for teachers, architects, librarians, planners, designers and so on.

Polytechnic education is designed to provide a sound higher level of cultural and technical education, develop a capacity for innovation and critical analyses and inculcate theoretical and practical scientific knowledge and its application to exercising professional activities.

Polytechnic in Malaysia
The first polytechnic was founded in Paris, in 1794, to school army officers in engineering and artillery.

Emulated in Prague, Vienna, Zurich, and in German technical schooling, as well as the Royal Institute in London patronized by Prince Albert, the trajectory of polytechnics was very different in the United Kingdom and countries following the same model (Australia, New Zealand, Hong King and Singapore) compared with elsewhere.

In United States, Renssellaer School in Troy was founded in 1824 by itinerant science teacher lecturer Amos Eaton and philanthropist Stephen Van Renssellaer, the curriculum focused on teaching children of farmers and mechanics how to apply science to everyday life.

In 1833 the school was renamed the Rensselaer Institute and emphasized civil engineering and aimed to model college after European polytechnic schools.
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