Sunday, September 13, 2015

University of Vikramashila

King of Dharmapala of Bengal founded the Vikramashila monastery in the 8th century. At that point of time, the charm of the Nalanda University, another ancient Buddhist educational institution, was reportedly waning. Vikramashila had rich collections of texts in the Sanskrit, the Praktrit and the Tibetan languages.

The main subjects of study in this university were grammar, logic, Brahmavidya, Tantra-vidya (the science by which an individual hoped to get supernatural powers), rituals and philosophy.

Regarding the library of the university, The Tabaqat-i-Nasiri informs that ‘there were great of books on the religion of Hindus-Buddhists there’.

The scholars here also made copies of the canonical works of Buddhism. Many works of Buddhism were translated into Tibetan language by the scholars of this university.

Srijnana Dipankara who had received his education at the University of Odantapuri later became the Chancellor of the Vikramashila.

This university was most popular amongst the educational centers like Rakshit, Virochan, Jnanpad, Jnanshri Mishra, Ratnavajra and Abhyankar create Buddhist literature. Scholar named Deepankar, was a writer of around 200 books.

Remains of the ancient Vikramashila have been excavated at a village in the Bhagalphur district of Bihar.
University of Vikramashila 

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