Sunday, August 30, 2015

What is madrasah?

Islamic civilization witnessed a long process of the development of different types of institutions of learning.

The centuries-old tradition of transmitting knowledge from master to disciple acquired institutional foundations through royal patronage and more significantly, through the evolution of juridical provisions for funding diverse teaching activities in madrasahs with revenues from waqfs (charitable foundations).

The term ‘madrasah’ is simply the Arabic word for school. In also mean a more advanced academy or college of Islamic studies.

In the past, the lower-level-school of Islamic study was called a kuttab, where memorization of the Quran is taught, but in modern times a kuttab is sometimes confused with a madrasah as in the general meaning for the word.

Mosques or masjid, may also have a halaqat, or study circle. Early in Islamic history, madrasahs were attached to mosque.

Madrasah is a traditional school of higher study, in the sense that’s students entering a madrasah were presumed to have already committed the entire Quran to memory.

These mosque-schools soon attracted students who lived near or in the mosque, and apartments and refectories were added to the complex. The architectural development took place at the same time as the transformation of the Islamic curriculum.

What had been a simple curriculum of Quran and hadith evolved into a set of Islamic sciences centered on the rise and study of Islamic jurisprudence.
What is madrasah? 

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