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University at Takshashila

There were several cities in the Mauryan Empire. Takshashila was the oldest of these cities.  The city may have dated back to at least the 8th century BC. Situated on the main road to Asia, it was a university town and a military as well as the capital of the kingdom of Gandhara.

The city was founded and built by King Bharata after the name of his son Taksha.

Takshashila city was known for being the center of trade and learning. In this university, renowned teachers taught a variety of subjects of- mathematics, medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, warfare, astrology, political philosophy, astronomy, economics, policy, administration and religion.

The University of Takshashila was the oldest in the world, it is said that in it good days it had over 10500 students. The campus accommodated students who came from as far as Babylonia, Greece, Arabia, China and East Asia.

Generally, student enters Takshashila at the age of sixteen. Students would come to this university and take up education in their chosen subject with their teacher directly.

In the 4th century BC, the students from the university viewed each other not as competitors hailing from different kingdoms but more as fraternity for the protection of Bharat and its culture.

Panini (Sanskrit grammarian), Chanakya (Ideologist) and Charaka (the famous physician) and Chandragupta Maura of ancient India were the proude student graduated from this Takshashila university.

The University later became famous for the Buddhist studies and has the largest library at that time.
University at Takshashila

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