Monday, May 11, 2015

University of Edinburgh

Soon after the reformation of religion in Scotland, which was established in the year 1560, the Magistrates ad Town-Council of Edinburgh, with the Ministers and other respectable citizens, were solicitous to promote the cause of learning and the liberal education of the youth.

They proposed that a University should be founded in their own city. In 1582 the University of Edinburgh was founded. Edinburgh was different to all the rest both North and South of the border, in that though it was inspired by Presbyterianism, it was a civic rather than a religious foundation.

On 14 April 1582, King James VI, then aged fifteen, granted a carter which may be taken to be effective starting point for the ‘tounis college’, which would later come to be called the University of Edinburgh.

King James also aided gave the college the income from an ecclesiastical benefice. The town council was also aided in establishing university finances by getting control of part of a legacy which had been left in 1558 by Robert Reid, bishop of Orkney.

It was the fourth oldest university, the first founded in Britain after the Reformation and Britain first municipal university.

By the 1590s, Edinburgh was producing some thirty graduates a year. Many were sons of townspeople, for one of the main motives in establishing a town college was the desire of parents to find cheaper alternative to sending their sons to St Andrews, where most went before 1583.
University of Edinburgh

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