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University of Pennsylvania

In 1751 Benjamin Franklin became a city alderman and was elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly.

For years Franklin dreamed of establishing a school open to any willing young man, not just the sons of elite. After raising funds, Franklin launched the academy and college of Philadelphia.

The institution began as the Academy and Charitable School of Philadelphia, to which was appended the College of Philadelphia in 1755. Academy and Charitable School of Philadelphia actually was a merger between Dr Smith College of medicals section and the University of the State of Pennsylvania.

When Benjamin founded the Academy and Charitable School of Philadelphia he set the American course for higher education as secular rather than a religiously centered enterprise.

In 1765, John Morgan and William Shippen, Jr. founded the Medical School of the College of Philadelphia, the first medical school in North America.

The next change of name, in 1779 from College of Philadelphia to University of the State of Pennsylvania, reflected the addition of professional courses in medicine and law.

The title was shorted to the University of Pennsylvania in 1791 when the resuscitated College and the University of the State of Pennsylvania were reunited by act of legislature.

In 1874, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania was opened and it was one of the earliest university affiliated hospital in United States.
University of Pennsylvania

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