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Royal Veterinary College of London

The veterinary school at Alford became the model on which future veterinary schools in Europe were to be based.

Similar veterinary schools were to be established in Copenhagen (1773), Vienna (1777), Hannover (1778), Dresden (1780), Munich (1790), Berlin (1790) and Utrecht (1820). In 1788, a gentleman name St. Bel educated at the school of Lyons went over to England with proposals for establishing a college in the country but meeting with no encouragement he returned to France.

In 1790, he returned to England and was more successful, for his plans were taken up by an agricultural society in Hampshire the members of which proposed to found institution called the Veterinary College of London and make St Bel professor.

A veterinary school was set up in London (1791), which although inspired by the French example, had a character quite different to its counterparts on mainland Europe. The college is supported by voluntary pubic subscriptions and is governed by a Board consisting of President, Vice-President and a Committee of Governors.

The veterinary college at London was established under the charge of a graduate of the parent school of Lyons, and the expenses of a number of gentlemen who, upon becoming subscribers or the school, acquired certain privileges with regards to the medical treatment of their horses in the event of their sickness.

Soon after the establishment of the London college, it received further encouragement by the appointment do veterinarians, as commissioned officers on cavalry regiments – a proceeding of great benefit to the service.

St Bel died in 1798, having published during professorship several meritorious works relating to the science.
Royal Veterinary College of London

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