Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Radcliffe Library (Oxford)

The celebrated library at Oxford well known as the Radcliffe Library derives its name from Dr. John Radcliffe.

Dr Radcliffe died on Nov 1, 1714. He left 40,000 to the University of Oxford for a foundation of a public library of medical and philosophical science.
Radcliffe Camera

The Radcliffe Camera library was built in 1737-49 immediately to the south of the Bodleian Library. The designed and executed by Gibbs of Aberdeen.

 It was opened on April 13, 1746 in a public ceremony by the Trustees under Dr. Radcliffe’s will.

In 1861, the books were moved to a new Radcliffe Science Library in the University Museum and the Radcliffe Camera became part of the Bodleian.

The collection, which has been steadily growing in extent and value, was originally largely composed of works in medicine and natural history.
Radcliffe Library (Oxford)

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