Monday, June 18, 2018

Who are slow learner pupils?

There are many children who are so backward in basic subjects that they need special help. These pupils have limited scope for achievement. Slow learner pupils have intelligence quotients between 76 and 89 and they constitute about 18 percent of the total school population.
Their ability to deal with abstract and symbolic materials, (i.e. language, number and concepts is very limited and their reasoning in practical situations in inferior to that of average students. They are also unable to deal with relatively complex games and school assignments.

Burt in 1937 pointed out the term “backward” or “slow leaner” is reserved for those children who are unable to cope with the work normally expected of their age group. According to Barton Hall (1947), backwardness, in general, is applied to cases where their education attainment falls below the level of their natural abilities.

The problems of slow learners may be due to low intelligence, environmental, cultural or social disadvantages, psychological and emotional hazards or defective instruction.
Who are slow learner pupils?
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