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Cambridge city England

Cambridge is a town of great antiquity; in Domesday Book, where it is describe as an important place, it is called Grentebrige from one of the names of the river, the present name, derived from the modern name of the river Cam.

Cambridge is only a coutraction of Cantalbureich, from cant head, al a school or college, bureich or reich a borough or bury; “the head precinct of a college,” or “principle college borough;” an they are many reasons to believe that Cambridge existed in the state of a head collegiate borough for ages before the Roman invasion. In 871 it was burnt by the Danes and again in 1010.

The city is best known as the site of the University of Cambridge, noted for its educational excellence and its outstanding architecture. The city’s economy is linked to the university and its research and development services. St Peter’s or Peter House is the oldest College in Cambridge, having been founded in 1284 by Hugh de Balsam, Bishop of Ely, initially for a Master and fourteen poor fellows.

Cambridge continue growing an in 1318 the University of Cambridge was declared by the Pope to be a stadium general, or university whose graduates were licensed to teach anywhere in Christendom.

Cambridge was given city status in 1951 for ‘exceptional’ reasons - it was the only ancient seat of learning in the United Kingdom which was not a city and the status was aware to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the borough’s first charter of incorporation.
Cambridge city England
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