Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Religious schools in Pakistan

The establishment of a formal madrasah education system in the Muslim world is attributed to Nizam-ul-Mulk, a Seljuk Wazir, who established Madrasah Nizami in Baghdad in the 11th century.

Madrasahs are general training and education from elementary to tertiary institutions, geared towards producing and transmitting knowledge.

In Arabic, the word madrasah signifies a teaching institution of various levels. As it happens, teaching and research institution were religious in ancient Muslim societies as were the first university, such as Bologna and the Sorbonne, in Christian Europe.

Madrasah system in India started emerging from the 12th century and consolidated under the Mughal Empire, when madrasahs became the primary institution for training the elite for Muslim courts.

Deliberation of madrasah reforms were initialed soon after the creation of the newly independent states of India and Pakistan. At independence, Pakistan was home to 250 madrasahs.

During Afghan war the madrasahs were found to be good source of motivated anti-Soviet fighters, and with the assistance of foreign money, the system was vastly expanded. By 1987 there were 2,862 madrasahs in Pakistan, which graduated thirty thousand students per year.
Religious schools in Pakistan
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