Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hamburger University

MacDonald’s main management –training facility is located on eighty beautiful landscaped acres in Oak Brook Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It is a corporate university serving the McDonald’s restaurant chain.

The name captures the thoroughness and intensity with which McDonald’s approached management training, and it also suggests the comic possibilities of immersion in McDonald’s corporate world.

The company tries to produce managers ‘with ketchup in their veins’ a common McDonald’s phrase for people who love their work, take pride in it, and are extraordinarily hard-working, competitive, and loyal to McDonald’s.

Hamburger University sometimes offers special programs and seminars in addition to the regular training courses.

McDonald’s conduct more training, counting everything from restaurant-level sessions to Hamburger University courses, than any other organization in America, including the US Army. One of the key courses at Hamburger University is the Advance Operations Course.

About 4000 students from all over the world attend classes at Hamburger University each year, most of them taking the Advanced Operations Course.

The university was founded by Fred Turner, former executive of MacDonald who creating informal three week training program in the basement of a McDonald’s restaurant in Elk Grove Village.

The first formal class of fourteen students graduated from Hamburger University in February 1961.
Hamburger University 

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