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Ancient Nalanda University

Nalanda University – one of the largest at that flourished for almost 800 years – from 500 to 1300 AD. The University was at its peak of reputation and international glory in ninth century.  It was situated in the modern day state of Bihar the ancient Magadha kingdom.

Nalanda was maintained by the revenue from seven villages granted by the king. Out of the income of the estates the university provided for all its alumni free of cost their four requisites of clothes, food, bedding and medicine.

Nalanda University had a campus one mile in length and half mile in width. There was a huge library called Dharma Gunj. It was a splendid library with a collection of invaluable manuscript and served over 10,000 students, including many from China, Tibet, Korea, etc.
Nalanda University 

The standard required for admission was very high. Admission to Nalanda was by oral examination. This was done by a professor at the entrance hall.

The institution was noted for its specialization in the last stages of a University education, for aiding in the solution of doubts and training in the arts of disputation and public speaking.

The highest academic degree or distinction of the times was a Fellowship of Nalanda, As noted by Hiuen Tsang, ‘those who stole the name of Nalanda brother were all treated with respect wherever they went’.

Nalanda was graced by the presence of India most brilliant philosophers – Hindu and Buddhist. Some of them were Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Dharmapala, Silabhadra, Santarakshita, Kamalaseela, Bhaviveka, Dignaga, Dharmakeerty etc.
Ancient Nalanda University

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