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Magdalen College, Oxford

Magdalen College, Oxford, England, is one of the constituent colleges of Oxford University.

Magdalen College was founded by Bishop William of Waynflete bishop of Winchester and lord high chancellor of England as Magdalen Hall in 1448.

It was re-founded as Magdalen College in 1458. Magdalen College School as an adjunct to the college was founded in 1481.

Magdalen was the first college to be totally embattled- until then; this feature had been limited to gate-towers.

As the college was developed outside the city, Waynflete’s first step between 1467 and 1473 was to suppress the Hospital of St. John the Evangelist that had occupied part of the land since the thirteenth century and enclose the site with an embattled precinct wall.

The buildings include four quadrangles covering twelve acres, a beautiful chapel (built in 1480) and the Magdalen Tower, commenced in 1492 and finished in 1506, which is 159 feet high and contains a peal of ten bells.
Magdalen College, Oxford

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