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History of Duke University

Trinity College a Methodist-related school was established in Randolph Country, North Carolina. Washington Duke (1820-1905) who established the family in the tobacco business became a benefactor of Trinity College in 1890.

His initial gift o $85,000 was critical in inducing the small, Methodist affiliated college to relocate from a rural setting to Durham in 1892. Washington Duke would later donate another $100,000 toward the schools endowment.

Washington Duke son, James Buchanan Duke helped build a new university near the school, providing $21 million from the Duke Endowment for construction.

During the first quarter of the twentieth century, Trinity began a law school, made further improvements to its curriculum, added athletic programs, accommodated more graduated students and increased its library holdings.

William Preston Few served as president of Trinity College 1910-1924, and subsequently as president of the new Duke University from 1925 to 1940.

In December 1924 James B Duke endowed over $40 million to the institution. Duke’s original campus was rebuilt with Georgian-style buildings at a cost of $4.8 million, with construction beginning in 1925 and ending 1927.

In 2004, Duke University’s research expenditures topped $490 million, and funding since then has increased 14.5 percent.
History of Duke University 

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