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Early history of King’s College London

Among the founders and benefactors of King’s College were King George IV, the Duke of Wellington, Sir Robert Peel and Archbishop Charles Manners Sutton.

In June 1828 a prospectus was issued for a college, to be known as King’s College.

The inaugural meeting on 21 June 1828 was presided over by the Prime Minster, the Duke of Wellington, accompanied b y the Archbishops of Canterbury, York and Armagh and seven bishops.

It was an institution of the Church of England, today is it’s a large secular university with a department of theology and religion.

The college began on a site adjacent to Somerset House on the Strand, but has now spread to other campuses. Building began in 1829 and the college opened on 8 October 1831.

King’s College first offered degrees when it joined with University College in the University of London in 1836.

King’s College was originally intended to have 28 rooms for the professors, and 10 lecture rooms with a capacity of 2000 students. It opened with 6 lecture rooms, 18 for professors, a chapel to seat 800 and basement schoolrooms for 400 boys.
Early history of King’s College London

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