Sunday, March 12, 2017

Peer discussions

Educators have embraced the idea of peer discussion because that kind of interaction is so powerful for stimulating the productive internal conversation that leads to learning.

Peer discussion promoted opportunities for learners to discuss a given portrayal with one another to determine whether or not it is a good representation of the information. This discussion allows students to learn from one another, to make connections with their own lives and with other texts or subjects.
In order to elevate peer discussion to an effective pedagogical form, it need to be defined clearly what makes it valuable and to work out what the teacher must do to motivate the type of peer discussion that succeeds in challenging students thinking.

Peer discussion also can be defined as a sociocultural, dialogical and democratic behavior characterized by four features:
*Moral dimension (students view themselves and other as worthy participants whose contributions are valued and respected)
*Students centered
*Dynamic student roles
Peer discussions
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